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Kindness is my Super Power!

Kids learn best by example. With the perfect examples, this book offers, your child will have more understanding for others, accept diversity, thrive in a multicultural and inclusive environment, and show more empathy. Throughout the story, little superhero Lucas will learn what kindness means and understand what it is like to be kind, sensitive, caring, and generous.


The perfect soothing read for quiet time, Happy gently encourages young readers to explore their emotions and the beautiful world around them. This poetic journey to a place of happiness and calm will inspire and empower your child to enjoy the practice of mindfulness.

My Strong Mind

Kate is a sporty and happy girl. She does well at school and has many friends. But like every girl, she sometimes faces difficult situations at home or at school. Discover how Kate uses her strong mind to tackle her daily challenges with a positive attitude. Kate will face several situations where she applies a positive attitude to deal with her challenge. Amongst them are getting ready in time in the morning, doing cartwheels, standing in front of the whole class with show and tell and playing basketball.

My Strong Mind 2

Do you want to teach your children about Confidence, Resilience and a Positive Mindset? With this second My Strong Mind book, your children will be introduced to more techniques to develop their own strong mind. The story is about Jack, a kind and happy boy who uses his strong mind to tackle his daily challenges with a positive attitude. Jack faces several situations your children will face too. Amongst them are dealing with peer pressure, negative self-thoughts, showing emotions, controlling his anger.

Mr Strong Mind 3

"Let's not just teach our children how to cope and survive, let's teach them how to Thrive" Teach your children about Setting Goals, Perseverance and Staying Motivated? With this third My Strong Mind book, your children will be introduced to Commitment and how to use their strong mind to Set Goals and Work Hard to Deliver Them! We can be sure our children will have to deal with adversity and need to show determination and commitment to reach goals during their lifetime.

Mum & Dad Glue

This comforting, reassuring picture book will help young children come to terms with divorce and separation. A little boy tries to find a pot of parent glue to stick his mum and dad back together. His parents have come undone and he wants to mend their marriage, stick their smiles back on and make them better. But, as he learns, even though his parents' relationship may be broken, their love for him is not.

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Spelling Activities

Words within Words

A demonstration of finding words within words to practise spellings and a top tip for spelling 'when' 'what' and 'where'.

Using Paint to Practise Spellings

A demonstration of two ways to practise spellings using paints.

Treasure Hunt and Picture Mnemonics

Complete a treasure hunt around the house whilst still practising your spellings. As an alternative, get those drawing pencils out and spell your word using pictures for each letter. Have Fun!

Games to Practise Spellings

A demonstration showing you how to play some everyday games such as noughts and crosses whilst still practising your spellings.

Rainbow Write and Pyramid Write

A demonstration of two activities to help you practise your spellings.

Circle the Vowels, Shape and Draw the Word and Spelling Baseball

A demonstration of three spelling practise activities.

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Year 2 Wk 8 1st March Topic Teaching Videos

Monday - Music - Timbre with Mr Munday

watch the video explaining timbre.

Tuesday - Design technology - Video 1 - Open window

watch the video explaining how to make a window that opens.

Tuesday - Design Technology - Video 2 - Touching up the window

watch the video explaining how to touch up the window once you have cut the hole.

Tuesday - Design Technology - Video 3 - Adding the features

Watch the video to explain how to add features to your Tudor house.

Tuesday - Design Technology - Video 4 - Making and attaching a roof

Watch the video explaining how to make and attach the roof onto your Tudor house.

Wednesday - History - Eye Witness Accounts

Watch the video and discuss what you can see in the pictures. Match the pictures to the eye witness accounts.

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Year 2 Wk 7 22nd Feb - Topic Teaching Videos

Monday - History - Guess the Audio Clips and Artefacts

Listen to the audio clips and think about what historical event they are linked to. Look at the pictures of the artefacts and predict what each object is and what it might have been used for in the past.

Tuesday - DT - Introduction

An introduction to designing and beginning to make a Tudor house.

Tuesday - DT - Video 1 - Designing a Tudor House

Watch the video of things to consider when designing a Tudor house.

Tuesday - DT - Video 2 - Making the Apex

Watch the video of how to make the apex roof for the Tudor house.

Tuesday - DT - Video 3 - Decorating

Watch the video about how to decorate a Tudor house.

Wednesday - History - Firefighting Methods

Learn about the firefighting methods used in the Great Fire of London.

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